Divorce can be traumatic both parties and their families. With over 25 years’ experience in matrimonial and divorce law, our Solicitors at Bromets Solicitors can guide you through the process and tailor an approach to meet your specific needs. We offer a free, no obligation initial consultation with a specialist family Solicitor in our Tadcaster or our Wetherby office to ascertain your circumstances and explain the options that are open to you. In most cases we can offer a fixed fee for the divorce. 

You can book an initial appointment using our contact form or by calling 01937 583111 / 01937 832371.


As a member of Resolution, our aim is to promote a sensitive, constructive and cost effective approach to divorce and the issues arising from that, in particular the care of any children. However sometimes it is necessary to ask the court to intervene for example, if we need to act quickly to protect family assets or the childrens’ welbeing.

Following our initial consultation with you, there are various steps that your Solicitor will take on your behalf during the divorce. Our Solicitors will explain these steps to you in detail and keep you updated on the costs that are involved. In most cases we are able to agree fixed fees for the divorce. Your Solicitor will discuss this with you in detail to come to a satisfactory arrangement with you. There are various aspects that you will need to consider and we have outlined some of them below. However each situation is different and your Solicitor will be able to tailor their advice to your personal circumstances.

To obtain a divorce and to start proceedings you will need to prove that the marriage has broken down irretrievably; this is usually because of adultery, a period of separation or unreasonable behaviour. We will advise you upon the appropriate grounds in your particular case, prepare the papers and act for you throughout the process.

It does not usually matter which spouse starts the divorce, the financial outcome is not usually affected. However, there are a few exceptions and if you believe the marriage is coming to an end, it is better to take advice at an early stage so that we can protect your interests as far as possible. Our experienced divorce and family law specialists will be explain all of the options open to you allowing you to make an informed decision regarding your and your family’s future.

If you have children, we will need to complete a form for the court which sets out the arrangements for their care including the time they are to spend with each parent. Where possible, it is better if the parents can agree the arrangements before starting the divorce. Please see arrangements and orders for children for more information on this aspect of the proceedings.

The marriage is dissolved when the Court makes a decree absolute. In most divorces, there are financial and property matters to be settled and so it is usually advisable to postpone decree absolute until these are sorted out either by agreement or by a court order. If the decree absolute is made before any financial or property matters are settled there may be additional work involved after the divorce has been finalised. For more information see Financial Settlements on Divorce.