Civil Partnerships

Civil Partnerships

 Civil partnerships are for same sex couples who want their relationship to be legally recognised. Our specialist divorce and family law Solicitors are up to date with the latest developments and will advise you of the implications of entering into a civil partnership. If you are in a civil partnership and the relationship breaks down we can advise you, explain the options available and act for you throught the court process.


Civil partners have the same rights as a married couple in a wide range of matters including financial provision and property rights. Financially, the effect is for the most part beneficial although, as with marriage, a civil partnership gives rise to certain responsibilities such as having to provide financial support if the partnership ends. If either partner has a child, the other partner will be in a position to apply for parental responsibility for that child. More information on either of these topics can be found at ‘Arrangements and Orders for Children’ and ‘Financial Settlements on Divorce’.

Whether you are entering into a civil partnership and require advice on the legal commitment that you are making, or your relationship has come to an end and you require help and advice on dissolution, our family Solicitors are knowledgeable in all aspects of legislation regarding civil partnerships and will be able to advise you according to your personal circumstances and situation. For more information on how we work and the type of approach we take when dealing with the sensitive subject of a relationship breakdown please see our Divorce section.

A civil partnership can only end upon death, annulment or dissolution. Dissolution and annulment are court processes similar to divorce although the grounds are not exactly the same. As with some other areas of family law, legislation is ever changing and our specialist divorce and family law Solicitors are able to give comprehensive and straightforward allowing you to make informed decisions as to your and your family’s future.

If you have any queries regarding entering or dissolving a civil partnership you can request a call back from one of our divorce and family law Solicitors or request an appointment at our Tadcaster office by completing our contact form or calling 01937 832371.