Accidents at Work

Accidents at Work


Accident at work claims could involve:

  • Defective or dangerous machinery
  • Slipping or tripping on debris or dangerous surfaces
  • Injuries involving lifting or manual handling
  • Injuries suffered in the construction industry
  • Exposure to harmful and dangerous substances
  • Employees exposed to violent attacks by patients or customers

To avoid an accident at work your employer must try to ensure that you carry out your work in the safest way possible bearing in mind the type of job that you do, the materials and equipment that you work with and the tasks involved. Employers need to ensure that the place, or places, where you work and their premises in general are safe for their staff. They are also responsible for the heating and ventilation of their premises, the lighting and even the car park.

Your employer has a legal obligation to (so far as is reasonably practicable) keep every floor in a workplace and the surface of every traffic route in a workplace free from obstructions and from any article or substance which may cause a person to slip, trip or fall.

We at Bromets can provide accident at work compensation advice for you and your family, information on employment-related issues and benefit advice where appropriate.